December-26 2017

low voltage passed 6kv underwaterinsulation piercing connector for low voltage conductor

Advantage of this 

LV insulated piercing connector


1).NU(IPC) SERIES INSULATION PIERCING CONNECTOR had passed 6KV test under water for 1 Min.

It's a nice 

6kv piercing connector


underwater piercing connector


2).Designed for all weather applications and easy to install.

3).Its self-seam frame is wet proof, water proof, and anti-corrosive, which can prolong the using life of insulated lead and connector.


Purpose of Insulation piercing connectors (NU) is to connect main and one, two tap conductor s ' of section, how is written on NU body. Type without letter B serves to connect isolated conductors, with letter B bare conductors.NU for one tap conductor is equipped with cable termination cap PCEC16/120, for two output wires-no cap.

1).Adjust the connector nut to suitable location.

2).Put the branch wire into the cap sheath fully.

3).Insert the main wire, if there are two lays of insulated lay in the main cable, should strip a certain length of the first insulated lay from inserted end.

4).Turn the nut by hand, and fix the connector in suitable location.

5).Screw the nut with the sleeve spanner.

6).Screw the nut continually until the top part is cracked and dropped down.

Item No. Main wire section Branch wire section Bolt
NU-1 10-95 1.5-10 1
NU-2 16-95 4-35 1
NU-3 50-150 6-35 1
NU-4 16-95 16-95 1
NU-5 35-150 35-150 1